21 Ways to Beat Festive Burnout

21-Ways-to-Beat-Festive-BurnoutThe Holiday season is prime time for burn out. Our stress goes up, our to-do list is a mile long and it takes everything within us to hold our tongue. In the article ‘Banish Seasonal Stress’ by Charmaine Yabsley in Nature & Health, 21 experts in the holistic field show us how to care for our health over the holidays. Our own Colleen Morris speaks about importance of letting go of our expectations in order to live in the moment.

What other ways can we beat burnout over the holidays? Caring for our physical health and exercising helps, as does fuelling up on antioxidants and healthy foods. For those of us who love to indulge, we can still enjoy delicious food but are best to do so in moderation. Taking it easy on alcohol and being mindful of the consequences of our actions can also help us manage stress over the holidays.

How do you care for yourself over this season? Read the article here and let us know how you plan to care for your wellbeing these holidays.

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