About Colleen

I am a local girl, born in Geelong. In my early years, my settled, predictable life changed when my parents made the decision to relocate to Melbourne where they entered the Salvation Army Training College for Officers in Melbourne. For the next 27 years I relocated every 1 to 2 years – a different house, school, and community with it's own unique history and culture.

As a child, it was always exciting and even a relief to relocate . I learnt that if life wasn't so good where I was, I could always look forward to starting over in the next place. For a child, escape is an excellent solution to life's problems!

On the other hand, these transitions also meant that I had to let go of friends and make new ones. I was shy and fearful by nature, so I frequently felt alone and unsure of myself. I had to draw heavily on the support of my family and my own inner resources to cope with this changing landscape that was my life.

It was in the unique culture of The Salvation Army church that I felt safe and learnt to thrive. Within this context my values and beliefs were formed and nurtured – in particular, the uniqueness and value of every person and the desire to help people grow and reach their potential.

Music and the church were my two loves. I initially pursued a career as a music educator, completing a Degree in Music at Adelaide University before relocating to Tasmania's East Coast to pursue a teaching career. At 23 years of age, I followed in my parents footsteps, and entered training to become a Salvation Army Officer. For the next 7 years I had leadership opportunities throughout Victoria and South Australia, in city and country locations.

In 1989 I married Duncan and together we continued to fulfill leadership responsibility for the Salvation Army.

Transitioning from being a single professional woman to a married woman juggling family and career, I became severely depressed, retreating into myself, struggling to cope with the daily needs of my family.

This life crisis' was the impetus for significant change and growth in my life. Leaving the safety of The Salvation Army, with my family I relocated to Geelong in 1993 to recover and make a new beginning.

I have reinvented myself many times over: youth and women's pastor, funeral celebrant, housing worker, manager of a mental health service, forensic drug and alcohol counsellor, and family therapist.

I have a rich and diverse experience that enables me to empathise with a broad range of people.

My greatest achievement is a strong and happy marriage relationship to my best friend and two beautiful daughters who are a constant source of inspiration and joy.

How I became a counsellor and family therapist

Colleen Morris: Geelong Counsellor & Family Therapist

Colleen Morris: Geelong Counsellor & Family Therapist

A life crisis can bring times of emotional upheaval, confusion and uncertainty. My own life crisis literally brought me to my knees.

Desperate for help, I made the life-changing decision to see a counsellor and with her compassion, understanding, humour and wisdom, I slowly recovered. I experienced counselling as a safe space to talk about who I was: my identity, my experience, my beliefs and values and dreams.

Counselling was a liberating and exciting experience and I wanted to give this same experience to others. Initially I fulfilled this desire as I mentored people within the church context but I recognized that I lacked counselling skills.

My hunger to facilitate personal growth, and my passion to help others to change and grow towards their full potential have been the ongoing impetus to pursue my counselling career.

As an extension to my skills as a counsellor, studying the discipline of family therapy has given me a greater understanding and awareness of my own family context and has brought a broader dimension to my work with people.

I believe that my own rich experience of life, as well as my extensive training and study in counselling and family therapy means that I can help you if you’re struggling with a life transition or relationship issue.

Counsellor Qualifications

  • Masters of Social Science in Family Therapy
  • Graduate Diploma of SocialScience in Family Therapy
  • Graduate Certificate in Dual Diagnosis
  • Bachelor of Counselling
  • Certificate of Mental Health

Counsellor Training

  • Masters in Family Therapy, Swinburne University – Completed December 2010
  • Graduate Diploma of Family Therapy, Williams Rd., Therapy Centre – Completed December 2007
  • Graduate Course in Mental Health, Canberra University – Completed March 2012
  • Graduate Course in Dual Diagnosis – Completed December 2008
  • Spiritual Formation Course: Wellspring Centre, Ashburton, Vic. 2004
  • Bachelor of Counseling: University of New England, Armidale, NSW – Completed December 2003
  • Telephone Counselling, Lifeline – 2002
  • Salvation Army Officer Diploma:Completed in 1983 at the Salvation Army Training College,Parkville, Victoria, including Counselling

Professional Associations

Clinical membership of:

  • Australian Association of Family Therapy, AAFT. No.C2041
  • Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, PACFA, No.21611

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