Five Tips for Safe Partying

Five-Tips-for-Safe-PartyingThe holiday season is brimming with social gatherings and parties. It’s important you are able to let your hair down and enjoy this, but things can get out of hand. Here are five tips to embrace the festivities of the season while still taking care of yourself .

  1. Plan your transport

Instead of winging it, plan your transport beforehand. Decide whether you have a dependable designated driver, will receive a lift from a friend or will catch a taxi. If the party is a long distance away, consider booking accommodation there. And if your plans fall through, you are tired or are in an unfit condition to drive, don’t be afraid to call a friend and ask for a lift. Remember it’s better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Eat before and during the party

By eating, you fill yourself up and are able to absorb any alcohol you drink slowly. Eating can also decrease how much you drink and will keep you in a safer and more stable condition during the festivities.

  1. Space out your drinks

Begin the night with a non-alcoholic drink, and between each alcoholic beverage drink a glass of water or soft drink. Distract yourself by taking part in activities like playing pool or dancing and you will also find yourself drinking less.

  1. Watch your drinks

Keeping your hand over the top of your drink or keeping it in sight at all times will protect your drink from being topped up, spiked or drugged. Make sure you finish your drink before you allow it to be topped up so you can monitor how much alcohol you consume, and if someone buys you a drink make sure you know the alcohol content beforehand.

  1. Set your boundaries

Come into the festivities with an idea of how much alcohol you will drink. Be firm in saying, “no” if you feel pressured, and decide whether you will partake in drinking games. If you still want to take part in these games, choose something with a low to no alcohol content.

This blog was put together using the Australian Drug Foundation Fact Sheet on Safe Partying.

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