Coping With Grief

Grief is such a personal experience and yet at the same time, it is a part of the fabric of our human experience. Can you remember some of the losses you experienced as a child? One of my most significant childhood losses was that of my ‘best friend' Patsy. Patsy and I had been constant companions throughout the first 8 years of my life: kindergarten, sunday school, primary school, Birthday parties. Patsy's grandparents were our next door neighbours, where I spent many happy hours at play. When I was 8 years of age, my parents made the decision to relocate to Melbourne. It was a very exciting time as I anticipated this ‘new beginning' but it was also a very sad time, having to say goodbye to my best friend. The grief I felt at the loss of my beloved friend remained a constant ache throughout the latter years of my childhood, adolescence and even my adult years. Grief has its' own life. No one else can tell you how your grief ought to look or the length of time grief should take. Yet it happens!

In this 8 minute video presentation, I talk about loss and the messages we receive about how to grieve – well meaning as these message are meant to be, they are not always helpful or even accurate. You are the expert on your own grief. It is my belief that when we learn to grieve well, we become stronger, wiser individuals.

I invite you to tap on this link to view an 8 minute video presentation on the potential of grief to make you a better person in the world.


If you feel stuck in your personal grief or simply feel the need to talk, you can contact Colleen on 0434337245 or go to her online diary at

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