Social Media’s Growing Impact On Relationships

10 years ago we didn't know Facebook from Tinder, and online dating was relatively new. Yet as social media has developed, so has the methods in which we build relationships with one another. In this infographic by Juliana Rae, we are given new insight into the affect social media has had on every part of our relationships. From meeting one another to marriage, breaking up and divorce- social media plays a key role in our lives now.

How has social media changed dating?

The fact Facebook asks for our relationship status means we are automatically categorised as ‘single’ ‘married’ ‘in a relationship’ or the classic ‘it’s complicated.’ This makes it easier for the 54 million singles in the USA to find out the suitability of a partner. In fact, 5.5 million use online dating services. And before you knock it, research shows that courtship is shorter for these couples.

In many ways, social media seems to be having a positive impact on relationships. It has allowed people to meet to keep in contact, but what are the negative consequences of this new phenomenon?

Think about the public response you receive when you post your relationship status on Facebook. The more ‘likes’ you get, the more you feel rewarded for achieving such a status. Your relationship which was once private has now been turned into a public spectacle. And how do you react when your partner’s ex, or even a close friend, comments on their photos? Do you feel jealous, or are you assured of your partner’s commitment?

Once upon a time it was ugly to break up by text message. Today, it is even uglier to break up in the public forum of social media. This infographic says that 25% of people surveyed found out a relationship had ended on Facebook. In this, we see that the old fashioned practice of communicating has been replaced with a public declaration that ultimately hurts everyone involved.

When we share our lives on social media, our personal details are documented for the world to see. When it comes to relationships, this means we will always somewhat be connected to one another. Whether a break up occurs due to the secretive infidelity of someone documented on social media, or a lawyer uses a web trail in divorce proceedings, we can see that for every benefit that comes with social media, there is also a negative.

How do you and your partner use social media? Do you use it as an excuse to avoid conflict or publicly air your grievances? Perhaps you feel safer getting to know someone over a screen before meeting them? Whatever role social media plays in your relationships, come to a mutual understanding with your partner about what information you will share and who with. Make a conscious decision to keep your private moments private, and if you want to make full use of the positive benefits of social media in finding a partner, do so with wisdom and caution. Allow social media to play a part in your relationship, but don’t let it dictate your wellbeing. In the end, the classic relationship where two people do life together off screen is far healthier than one shared with the internet for all to see.



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