Q. Can I receive the Medicare rebate if my G.P. provides a Mental Health Plan?

A. Unfortunately we are unable to provide the Medicare rebate.

Q. Do you have a  cancellation policy?

A. Yes, we do. For meaningful results, counselling requires a strong commitment from both client and therapist. To allow us to honour my commitment to remaining present and engaged, you will need to pay the full fee for any sessions that are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

In fact, your reserved time is your time, whether you choose to keep it or not. Paying for missed sessions can increase the motivation people have with respect to their participation in therapy, which in turn improves outcomes. Accordingly, we require 24 hours notice of any cancellation, our standard session fees are expected for the reservation of our time. Rescheduling an appointment is also regarded as a cancellation. Thank you for understanding the Watersedge Counselling cancellation policy.

Q. Do you have a lateness policy?

A. As our cancellation policy indicates, we charge for the reservation of my time. we do not extend time if people are late. This enables us to be on time for our clients.

Q: Do you offer Health Fund rebates?

A. Presently only Medibank Private members with relevant policies will be eligible for counselling rebates. Rebates can be claimed as part of the “bonus package” . Only members with this type of policy can make a claim for counselling. Members on the Medibank Private’s PremierPlus, AdvantagePlus, Smartplus and HealthyPlus (and VIP corporate equivalents) products have access to a feature called Package Bonus which they can use on a variety of recognised Goods and Services. Counselling is included in those recognised services.

Q: Can you guarantee positive results?

A. Counselling is most effective when a person or persons is committed and highly motivated to do what often can be very challenging personal work, about changing your situation. If you come to Counselling with the attitude that you are making a positive investment into your personal growth and well being and/or the growth and well being of your most significant relationship/s, you will most certainly get a positive outcome.

Q: How far ahead do I need to book?

A: It's usually possible to see us within a week, sometimes sooner. If you urgently need to see us for counselling, we'll do our best to arrange the shortest possible waiting time.

Q: Do you see people on week-ends?

A: Yes we do. If it's not convenient for you to see us during normal business hours, other times, including week-ends, can be arranged.

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