Anger Management

Geelong anger management counsellingAnger is an emotion that we all experience as human beings. Anger can be a healthy emotion, signalling  when you don't feel in control and motivating you to take action when you experience an injustice. However, anger that is not controlled can be very damaging.  It can be the cause of various problems at work, in your relationships with others and the way you live your life.

Duncan takes an individual approach to anger management, that is designed to help you understand the function of your anger, the triggers that keep anger alive and strategies that will enable you to be in control of your anger instead of anger controlling you.

Maybe you can related to some of these statements:

  • I feel angry most of the time
  • I have  a problem with expressing my feelings of anger in unhelpful ways, such as using aggression, intimidation and violence.
  • My anger is affecting my relationships
  • I have had problems with the law because of my anger or rage reactions
  • I just can't control my rage and the smallest thing can set me off

Through anger management counselling, you can:

  • Identify and understand  the specific thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can increase your  feelings of anger and lead to aggression
  • Learn and use effective coping strategies to prevent or reduce inappropriate anger or aggressive behaviour
  • Learn to be able to think and act more positively
  • Discover how to respond differently so you can have satisfying and fulfilling relationships

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