Couples Relationships and Relationship Counselling

Geelong couple counselling servicesAs human beings, our desire to love and be loved, crosses cultural, religious and gender divides. Whilst our sexual orientation may differ, be it heterosexual or same-sex, we all long for a relationship where we are known, understood and accepted for who we are.  It's natural that you want to give and receive love and feel secure within your relationship.

In the early stage of any relationship, we are frequently so enamoured with our new love and the possibility of having our deepest desires met, that we fail to notice or deliberately dismiss our differences. It is inevitable that as the newness of the relationship wears off, we find ourselves irritated by these same differences and the close, loving relationship we once had, becomes more difficult to maintain.

We learn that every relationship requires effort and needs to be nurtured to be maintained and grow.

Frequently relationship difficulties are heightened at times of transition in a relationship – the addition of children, pressures of adolescent behavior, ageing parents, a child leaving home or retirement. You may feel resentful and frustrated, unable to bridge the widening gulf between you and your partner. At times like you may feel almost paralyzed and helpless to change and improve your relationship. If you feel like this, read on.

Perhaps you can relate to some of these statements:

  • I  feel lonely and emotionally disconnected from my partner
  • We have difficulty communicating with each other
  • We frequently argue about small things
  • We lack physical closeness in our relationship
  • I feel dissatisfied with my relationship and want to make it better

Relationship counselling or marriage counselling can make a difference and may be the answer you've been looking for.

Relationship counselling can help you:

  • become more emotionally connected and secure in your relationship
  • learn to communicate more effectively
  • understand and appreciate your partner for the differences they bring to your relationship.
  • enjoy a more intimate and satisfying relationship
Colleen works with all couples, including same sex relationships and heterosexual relationship.

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