“Seeing Colleen was one of the best things I have done for myself and my family. I not only learnt so much about myself, but also about how to communicate with my partner in a way that has helped the relationship greatly. Together, this resulted in greater confidence and improved mood and wellbeing. Colleen was always respectful, patient and knowledgeable, and most importantly helped me to come up with practical solutions that made real differences to everyday issues. I can't thank her enough!”

Female, age 34

“Thank you again for your professional advice and your keen ability for guiding me to take a good look at myself. I am so pleased that I was given your number and that I made the effort to contact you.

[My partner] and I are both much better off for our sessions with you, but I honestly feel that I really need those first few sessions by myself to start our process. I was very nervous initially when we discussed bringing [him] in, but I really feel he actively participated in the sessions, mainly due to your skills as a counsellor!

I think [my partner] and I really needed a relationship ‘tune-up', and I am very grateful. Everyday is still a learning curve, but I have learnt to be kind to myself and to step back and really look at my own behaviour.”

Tamara, age 45


“I first met Colleen four years ago when she gently identified a number of self-sabotaging beliefs that I was completely unaware of. Colleen not only saw the untapped potential within me, but offered her time and effort to help me to develop my emotional intelligence and unlearn multiple destructive thoughts that I had of myself. Since then Colleen has helped give me the self-belief to step out and tread my own path with confidence. To this day she remains my most valuable mentor and encourager.”   

Mike, age 25


‘Two years ago I searched for a marriage counsellor extensively when Colleen was highly recommended to us through Focus on the Family. My wife and I were at the point of separation when we first met Colleen Morris and Watersedge Counselling.

In only a few sessions my wife and I decided to commit to meeting Colleen every Friday until we worked through some issues. Colleen has an amazing way of making you feel relaxed and disarmed; most counsellors make you feel uptight especially at the thought of personal change. After the first month we enjoyed our sessions with Colleen that much that we decided to make Friday's our date day in Geelong. Our Friday date days turned into a 2 hour session with Colleen, followed by lunch and then some shopping (retail therapy) afterwards. Colleen seemed to be able to work through one issue after the next every week and help us move back into a marriage which we had when we first dated over 20 years ago.

Nearly 2 years now, and we continue seeing Colleen once a fortnight. We have learned so much from Colleen and I would strongly recommend Watersedge to anyone going through marriage struggles. ‘

Mark, age 43


“Colleen listened to me without judgement, and she accepted and validated my feelings about my situation. However she was not afraid to ask the hard questions to help me think through my motivations and how different courses of action would fit with my personal value system. She was brilliant at assisting me to sort through my thoughts and feelings so that I had a much clearer and much more objective understanding of what was going on. She gave me the courage to talk through things with my husband, and our marriage has never been better.”

Leonie, age 45


“I had been struggling with emotional and psychological abuse from my birth-Mother for many years. Blessed to have discovered Colleen at Watersedge Counselling to help me in the healing and recovery process. Now I have a greater understanding of some of these issues and am better equipped to use strategies learnt. Her support was very professional and I always felt completely comfortable and would not hesitate seeking any further counsel.”

Lyn, age 30


“Duncan enabled me to share honestly everything I was struggling with. I felt totally safe and able to completely trust him. He has brought understanding to my past, enabling me to strongly move forward. This was key, as was insight into my personality type, which surprisingly has brought so much freedom. With new, healthier skills, I’m enjoying life to the fullest. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you Duncan!


“It took a long time to admit to myself that my mental health had deteriorated to the point of needing professional help, and I was apprehensive at the prospect. However, from the first session together Colleen created a safe place in which to confront, discuss and work through some very difficult and traumatic issues. Thanks to her insight and guidance, I feel I've been given the tools and strategies to not only survive depression, but to grow and flourish beyond it. I'm so grateful to Colleen and would recommend her services unreservedly.”

“My family and I have been seeing Colleen on and off for approximately 5 years. During this time she has worked with us one on one teaching us about our personality types, how we react in not only stressful but all situations allowing us to be aware and work through the issues that underpin our reactions and expressions. As well attending sessions together teaching us new and better ways to communicate and really understand others default reactions and communication styles. Colleen has taught me about healthy relationships mentoring me through divorce and dating. I am a Holistic Therapist myself and believe that when we personally are living through something we can’t always see it objectively and attending sessions with Colleen allows a new perspective and honest insight and clarity and then a healthy pathway forward. In just 3 sessions I have seen a person’s life completely turn around. I frequently refer clients to Colleen as I know if they are committed they will get results also.”

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