13 Steps to Manage Your Anger


We all know someone who flies off the handle. Perhaps it’s a friend, a loved one, a colleague or even yourself. The fact is, we all experience anger in our lives, but if we don’t handle it correctly it will consume us and harm the people we care for the most.

Anger management takes time, and it goes a lot deeper than simply choosing to not slam the door any more. You must uncover the experiences and emotions that trigger anger within you, to reach a point where you can control anger instead of it controlling you.

Here are 13 steps that will help you work through anger in your own life.

  1. Recognise and understand the faces of anger
  2. Admit that all angry expression, good or bad, are the result of choices.
  3. Let go of the unnecessary dependencies. This means your anger management is inwardly directed rather than externally determined.
  4. Choose to let go of your need for control and you will experience freedom.
  5. Ground yourself in truth and put aside idealistic myths.
  6. Keep your lifestyle habits consistent with your emotional state.
  7. Live in humility rather than self-preoccupied pride.
  8. Hold your defences to minimum; trust your healthy assertions.
  9. Accept the inevitability of loneliness as you struggle to be understood.
  10. Relate to others as equals. Do not consider yourself above them or accepting a position of inferiority.
  11. Pass along to the next generation your insights about anger.
  12. Avoid the temptation to rationalise your anger; assume full responsibility for who you are.
  13. Be accountability for your ongoing growth and open about your anger management.

Sit down and discuss these steps with your spouse, your family or close friends, and be open to their feedback. Often when we experience anger, we are unaware of how we are perceived by the people around us. If you’d like additional support, contact Duncan on 0434 331 243 for a FREE 10 minute consultation. If you are ready to book an appointment with Duncan, click the icon BOOK ONLINE NOW and you will be taken to his online appointment calendar, and follow the prompts.

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