The Enneagram: Type 7 —The Optimist

The Enneagram: Type 7 - The Optimist

They are the life of the party, the adventurer, and the first person to have a laugh. This week we look at Type 7 on the Enneagram, and highlight the people in our lives who always have a positive outlook and have grand ideas for the future. While they are thinkers, Type 7’s try to avoid pain and feelings of discomfort at all costs. They would much rather appreciate the good things in life and enjoy the company of others. At their best they are forward thinking and courageous. The Optimist is prone to missing facts and details, and when they are unhealthy, this means they can deny the deeper parts of their own lives, preferring to focus on the light.

Take a look at our new infographic for Type 7- The Optimist below, and keep an eye out for the final personality profile in our series, Type 8, coming soon!

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The Enneagram: Type 7 - The Optimist Infographic

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