5 Steps to Turn Your Failure Into a Success


A relationship has broken down; you’ve received yet another rejection letter, or someone has said your revolutionary idea sucks. We all experience failure in our lives, and for many of us our fear of it rules how we live. But what if we could pick ourselves up from our failure and no longer allowed it to dictate our lives? The phrase, “Success is defined by how well you rise after falling,” is used so frequently it has become a cliché, but ask any successful business person, healthy and happy parent or esteemed individual and they will tell you it is 100 per cent true. Every success starts with the stepping stone of failure. Follow these 5 steps and make your failures the successes you have been dreaming of.

  1. Refuse to let failure define you

While your feelings, circumstances and people may be labelling you a failure, you must decide that this will not define you or your life. Your innate worth and potential have not changed, and you still have the ability to make something good and be a success. Pick yourself up and believe that you are more than this set back. Live in the truth that you are responsible for writing your own story and step into this boldly.

  1. Honestly assess the situation

Let’s be real: Something went wrong to cause this so called failure, so take a look at what these factors were. Ask yourself why this relationship, goal or opportunity fell short and observe the steps you took to get here. You may need to humble yourself and acknowledge you need more experience or need to develop your craft. It could mean you need to alter your interpersonal skills, your goals, or your priorities in life. Whatever the case, acknowledgement is the first step towards change and future success.

  1. Salvage the good

This all started with a dream, a great ambition, a drive, or a desire to better yourself or other people. Pick up the good parts of what you dropped in the failure and start again. Polish off and refine them so you can rebuild a healthier, more stable and more sustainable goal, business or relationship. Passion and drive are the roots of success, so keep these while you alter how to work towards your goals.

  1. Change your behaviour

It’s well and good to say, “I should have done that differently,” or to play the blame game, but you are never going to create a success if you don’t change your behaviour. Once you are honest about the factors that brought you here, you can seek out ways to change them. Educate yourself more, seek out a mentor, see a professional to talk about your ongoing issues, and improve yourself and your product. Don’t be too proud or stuck in your ways to change your habits and in doing so alter the outcome for the better.

  1. Be brave enough to try again

Don’t let a fear of failure keep you from trying again. Learn from this failure and use it as a stepping stone to success. Forgive yourself, make amends, step up to the plate and submit that application again. If this is something you believe in, refuse to give up after tripping on the journey. Get up and keep taking the little steps to reach your goals. Never, ever give up.

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