7 Steps to a Meaningful Relationship

Meaningful relationship
It is easy to waft through life, concentrating on surface level relationships. For one thing, a relationship purely cultivated on this is free of restraints. There are few expectations, and it doesn’t take much energy to have them. Yet we all find ourselves craving more. Whether it’s a relationship with a family member, a friend you haven’t seen in sometime or an acquaintance, the need for meaningful relationships is fundamental in our lives. Here are 7 steps that will help you create and sustain these in your own life.

  1. Be intentional

If you want to be known by this person, they need to feel known by you. Be intentional in your conversations with them and make time to catch up; not just in a group setting but one on one. Meaningful relationships start with the decision to be intentional.

  1. Ask them about themselves

There’s nothing more awkward than having a conversation with someone, only to realise they talked about themselves the whole time. Take a genuine interest in your friend’s life and ask them open ended questions like, “Tell me about our family,” or “What motivated you to work in (said industry)?”

  1. Be light

A relationship that is too intense too fast isn’t healthy for anyone, so leave moments for the light, mundane and fun. Participate in group activities, go to the movies, talk about the TV show you love to watch, or have coffee and cake. A good friend knows how to have fun and embrace every moment, no matter how heavy or light it may be.

  1. Practice honesty

If something is concerning you and a person is displaying unhealthy habits (passive aggressive or egocentric tendencies, a lack of care for themselves), speak up. A meaningful relationship must be based on more than just peace and agreeableness; it needs to be built on truth.

  1. Remember important details

This is far easier said than done, but there is value in a friend remembering a birthday, an anniversary, an important event, or a concern you discussed the last time you caught up. Get to know more about what makes a person tick by asking them about significant events, family occasions, the lives of their children and their spouse.

  1. Be open

We have a tendency to be guarded in our relationships, especially when we have been hurt in the past. While we do need to be cautious as we establish new relationships; making sure we really click with a person, that they are trustworthy and that they possess the qualities of a good friend, there is also room to be open. Leave a crack in the door so others can see part of your life, and as your relationship builds allow this openness to increase.

  1. Be genuine

Don’t put on a show for people, saying and doing what you think they want in a friend. Focus on being authentic, showing them your real interests and passions, your strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, you give them permission to be ‘real’ with you, and this gives your relationships the space to deepen and grow.

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5 Traits of a Healthy Relationship

We are all familiar with the strain we feel when we have a friend, family member or a spouse who is particularly demanding. When relationships are not cultivated in a healthy manner, they can leave us feeling physically drained and stressed. Emotionally, an unhealthy relationship can also lead to feelings of bitterness, anger and unforgiveness. It is common to assume that we must always be agreeable and generous in our relationships, but what happens when we are giving too much of these qualities and are receiving none of them back? A quality relationship must be worked at by both parties involved. Here are 5 traits marking a healthy relationship that is both life-giving and fulfilling to everyone involved.

1. Understanding

A healthy relationship will have both people feeling actively empathetic to each other. They will understand the stressors and scenarios that arise in each other’s lives and will cater to this. Therefore, if one person in unable to fulfil an obligation due to arising circumstances, the other will understand and can act as a support network during this period.

2. Forgiveness

Mistakes are made in every relationship and it is inevitable that people will hurt one another, even when they have the best intentions. When conflict comes up, both people actively forgive each other because they acknowledge that their friend has their best interests at heart. There will not be a condoning of the circumstances, but the opportunity to start afresh.

3. Boundaries

Even the closest relationships need down time and it is unhealthy to live in each other’s pockets 24/7. A good relationship is characterised by the ability of both parties to not only ask for help, but to say “no” when they are unable to give it. This may occur if a person needs their own quiet time, must invest in other important relationships, or if they find that the demands of the relationship are impacting their quality of life.

4. Community focused

While a healthy relationship will nurture and grow the bond between two people, it can become clique and fuelled by jealousy if both people limit their quality time to a singular person. A healthy relationship will accept the numerous people in each person’s life and will be understanding and inclusive of these relationships.

5. Honesty

Whether it is little annoyances or life changing scenarios, a healthy relationship is marked by the willingness of both people to talk about the situation and how it can be resolved. In this, both people will speak and listen with a loving intent, respecting the words of the other and discussing openly how this impacts each other’s lives.

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