The Enneagram in Pop Culture: Superheroes


It’s fair to say we all love a good super hero story, especially when we resonate with the hero. Superman, Batman or Spider-Man—people have adored these characters for generations because even though they are extraordinary, they are characteristically human.

By looking at some of our favourite heroes and their personality types, we can learn more about ourselves. Take a look at our infographic below and see which Superhero you resonate with—perhaps they match your Enneagram type!

The Enneagram super copy


Type One: The Protector
Captain America

Cap is a classic Type One on the Enneagram. He is a charismatic leader, motivated by justice and his internal morals and values. Superhero staples Superman and Super Woman are also Ones, highlighting the leadership qualities of this likeable type.

Type Two: The Helper
Hawk Eye

Twos are everything you could wish for in a friend, and Hawk Eye is no different. He is always on hand to help out and save the day, and like most Twos, is happy to step out of the limelight to get the job done. Falcon is another example of this type, who works tirelessly behind-the-scenes for the good of others.

Type Three: The Achiever
Green Arrow

A lone ranger, the Arrow is the quintessential example of a Three. He is resolute, independent, will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, and is a fierce and brave leader. Black Widow shows traits of a healthier Type Three, working with a team and leading by example to fulfil each mission.

Type Four: The Romantic
Iron Man

Every Four is radically different, and like Iron Man, will embrace their unique qualities. Iron Man’s quirky traits, his rich intellectual life, the need to stand out and to be known are quintessential of Fours. Black Panther’s regal nature also tips him towards this type, and Batman’s brooding, obsessive and emotional personality also places him in this category.

Type Five: The Analyst
Mister Fantastic

Reed Richards, or Mister Fantastic, doesn’t naturally fit the cliché category of ‘leader’, but like many Fives, he is full of surprises. Extremely cerebral, he observes the world around him before taking action. Mister Fantastic is more at home with facts and figures than humans, but his tight-knit team bring out the invaluable qualities of this Five, enabling Reed to come out of his shell.

Type Six: The Loyalist
The Flash

The Flash is an unexpected hero, and this is common for a Type Six. His natural wit mixed with an insatiable loyalty towards his loved-ones makes him a great friend. Like many Sixes, The Flash observes before acting with empathy, and when he squashes his own anxieties, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Type Seven: The Adventurer

A thrill seeker with a running commentary that he’s not afraid to share with the world, Spider-Man is an ideal Type Seven. He relishes new opportunities, and is as smart as he is likeable. Thor is a more regal example of this type, distracting himself with new experiences to avoid his own inner turmoil. Ant Man is similar, being wildly capable and always up for a good time.

Type Eight: The Challenger

Never challenge a Type Eight, unless you’re ready for a fight. Wolverine will never back down, responding to his own perceptions of injustice and inner conflict. Like all Eights, Wolverine is a warrior, and he is willing to enter a fight—or even start one, when he wants something to change.

Type Nine: The Peacemaker
The Hulk

Bruce Banner is a contradiction. Like all Nines, he strives to stay calm and keep his own emotions in check. However, when he is threatened he turns into the Hulk, revealing the complex and ferocious emotions within Nines. The Hulk’s struggle between peace and chaos reveals the constant tension with Type Nines as they try to maintain their composure in every situation.

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