The Enneagram: Type 9 —The Peacemaker

This week we’re jumping ahead in the Enneagram to look at the Type 9 Personality. Commonly known as the ‘Peacemakers,’ these are often the hardest personality type to identify simply because they can be so mellow.

You might be a Type 9 if you avoid conflict at all costs and tend to procrastinate without really considering the future. These are the people who, when healthy, are able to calm those closest to them, while being a voice of honesty and reason. They can make excellent mediators, and are solid and stable friends.

Take a look at this week’s infographic on the Type 9 personality, and keep your eyes out for future instalments in our Enneagram series. Visit our Enneagram page to learn more about other personality types and download their infographics.

The Enneagram Type 9-The Peacemaker

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