10 Tips for Self Soothing

10 Tips for Self Soothing

When we are agitated, angry, or anxious, it can be difficult to self sooth and calm our physical and mental state. Self soothing comes with lots of benefits, and aside from giving you the ability to calm yourself when you once simply reacted, it allows you to think clearly and anticipate how you will approach or respond to a situation. 

We talked to four established counsellors and asked them for their top tips on self soothing. Have a read, and next time you feel your body going into panic mode, try to soothe yourself using these techniques.

Colleen Morris

“Draw around your hand, writing the five senses, one on each finger, and write down one or two things that calm you for each sense.”


Toni Jackson

“The tips I find myself sharing with clients the most are: abdominal breathing; downloading the Smiling Mind app; moving your body (walking, running, swimming, yoga- find your moving thing); listening to music, put one hand on your forehead and one on your solar plexus and breathe; and progressive muscle relaxation. I use both Buddhify2 and Smiling Mind (apps) myself as well as recommending them to clients.”


Clinton Power

“I have recommended the Headspace app to lots of clients who want to learn meditation but find it very difficult. I get lots of great feedback about it.”


Fiona Fitzpatrick

“Take yourself for a 10 min walk- with your phone- and take 5 quick pics of anything that catches your eye…a colourful flower, a pattern of shadows on the footpath, autumn leaves, dew on the grass, the sky. Being in nature and documenting it in a creative way can take your attention to things life giving rather than things life draining, like worries or anxiety. Keep a folder of soothing folders on your phone and next time the Worry Monsters bite, scroll through some beautiful images and observe yourself unwind and breathe a little easier.”

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  1. Thanks for the mention Colleen. I love the work you do and these tips are fantastic!

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