13 Reasons to Invest in a Marriage and Couple Relationship Retreat


Your marriage and couple relationship is a long-term investment into your future wellbeing and happiness. When we commit to a relationship, we regard it to be ‘for life,’ or if not, at least for a significant period of time. But have you contemplated how to maintain this precious investment so that it continues to provide the returns it initially promised? Every significant investment we make is reliant upon our continued attention to ensure long-term productivity.

Take, for example, investing in a new vehicle. I was 24 by the time I could afford to purchase my first new car. Bright, pillar-box red, my little Honda promised to be a sound and safe investment for this young, idealistic, single woman, whose passions and employment took her to the picturesque country town of Clare in South Australia. I relied upon my Honda to traverse the Clare and Barossa Valleys, the occasional trip to Port Pirie, and the weekend respites to Adelaide. Fortunately, the Honda never let me down and was in good condition when, 4 years later I upgraded to a Ford Sedan.

The good health of my vehicle did not happen by accident. I had a responsibility to maintain it in return for the service I expected from my vehicle. Religiously, I ensured that my Honda was serviced so that major mechanical repairs were avoided and the car continued to run smoothly. I washed it regularly (with a little help from an enthusiastic friend), and kept the interior free of unwanted material ensuring that my investment had a long and hopefully ‘breakdown-free’ future.

What have you been doing to ensure that the investment into your marriage or couple relationship experiences the anticipated return of your long-term happiness and wellbeing? Just as your vehicle needs regular attention to ensure it’s smooth running, your marriage/couple relationship needs regular ‘servicing.’ A Couples Workshop or Retreat is an opportunity for a ‘relationship tune-up.’ It is an investment in the future of your relationship, ensuring that it is strong and healthy.

Here are 13 reasons to invest in a Couple or Marriage Retreat:

  1. Setting aside and committing this time to invest in your couple relationship reinforces the value and priority you give to your relationship. It communicates to your partner that you are committed and want to continue to grow your relationship.
  2. It affirms the strengths of your relationship. Who doesn’t like affirmation? Affirmation reinforces positive behaviours, makes us feel good about ourselves and each other.
  3. You will be able to identify and explore the challenges of your relationship.
  4. You will learn new ways of dealing with your relationship difficulties and conflict.
  5. You will learn about the latest research on what makes couple relationships work.
  6. You will learn more about your partner and yourself, and have a greater appreciation of who you each are in this relationship.
  7. You will revisit your future hopes and dreams, and clarify and redefine them.
  8. You will have opportunity to reflect upon and introduce new experiences into your relationship.
  9. You will reconnect and explore new ways to nurture your relationship.
  10. You will learn new skills to enhance communication in your relationship.
  11. You will meet other couples, hear their stories and make new friends.
  12. You will build and strengthen your relationship.
  13. You will celebrate your relationship.


Watersedge Counselling is introducing Marriage and Couple Retreats as a regularly feature in our calendar. On Saturday October 17th 2015 from 9.30 to 4.30pm, we will be conducting a one day retreat, Strengthening Your Marriage & Couple Relationship, at 321 Shannon Ave., Newtown, Geelong.

If you would like to know more about the retreat, you can contact Colleen Morris on 0434 337 245, or go to our Events page to check out the details including cost. Bookings can be made online by going to BOOK NOW and following the prompts. You will find the October Retreat under the Couple and Marriage Services section.


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