Discovering the Purpose for Your Life


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Life is constantly changing; very few things remain the same. Most people will have multiple jobs, and live in different houses, different states and even countries in this day of globalisation. Relationships change and even if you stay with the same person, there are changes in the dynamics of that relationship as each of you becomes more aware of differences and challenges. People change through growth and development, and this impacts stability of life.

With change comes challenge. What direction do I take? Should I leave this job for another? Do I remain in this relationship or move on? How do I manage this situation?

Having to make these difficult life changing decisions can result in a rise of stress levels and displays of emotion such as sadness, disappointment, anger and confusion. Sometimes making a decision becomes too hard, and as a consequence an individual can remain in an unhealthy and unhappy place in their life. When this occurs, a person is paralysed by ambiguity and confusion so they are unable to make a decision. It may be issues beyond our control that are causing significant pain and anguish, and we feel powerless to change.

Having an independent professional to listen and discuss your stressors in life with has proven to be an instrumental aspect of accepting change and gaining the courage to make a decision to move forward. As a professional who has faced similar challenges, I can assist you in finding answers to life changing questions.

Questions such as:

                What is important to me?

                What values in life do I adhere to and hold precious?

                Do I have a purpose in life? If so, what is it? If not, can I develop a purpose?

                If my life is a picture, what will it look like in the future?

                How do I get there?

                What is my motivation for change?

By pondering these questions, you can be provided clarity, understanding and direction in these challenging and difficult times. As a professional counsellor, mentor and coach, I can assist you in finding the answers to these questions and help to discover, or rediscover, the purpose for your life.

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