How to Make Your Relationship Last

“Relationships are Terrifying. Did You Know That 50% of Marriages Last Forever?”

This is the thought-provoking introductory statement in a recent YouTube presentation by Discovery News (DN).

Every couple relationship is marked by competing preferences, likes and dislikes; you hate hockey, he loves it. You love camping, she hates it! Initially these differences can be attractive due to our completely illogical fascination with each other! A couple can happily live with these differences and even engage in activities we would otherwise choose to avoid. So why does that all change? How is it that a couple who were so madly in love, ‘fall out of love'? Is there a ‘formula' that can full proof a marriage?

As it happens, there is. The Gottman Research has established that where a couple consistently respond to each other to acknowledge and give emotional support, their relationship will remain strong and healthy.

In this YouTube presentation, further explanation is given to Gottman's concept of Relational Bids and the research behind it. The long and short of it is that when a couple learn the skill of responding to each other’s emotional bids by consistently turning towards the other, you are likely to enjoy a long and healthy life together.

The Secret To A Successful Relationship

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