Couple  Counselling 

Colleen works with all couples, including heterosexual and same-sex relationship, whose relational issues are the cause of significant distress and  dissatisfaction to help them develop the skills to negotiate difficult issues and enjoy a richer, more satisfying relationship.

Please visit the Watersedge Counselling couple and relationship counselling page to read more.

Colleen provides workshops for couples who desire to understand the science of a healthy couple relationship and wish to enhance their couple relationship. For further information go to the Events page and/or register your interest via our contact form.

Family Therapy and Family Counselling

As a family therapist, Colleen works with families, couples and individuals who are experiencing significant distress due to the impact of problematic issues within the family unit by facilitating conversations that provide understanding and reconnection.

Please visit the Watersedge Counselling family therapy page to read more.

Anger Management

Duncan works with individuals who experience difficulty controlling their anger and the associated  behaviour and help develop skills to take control of their anger.

Visit the Watersedge Counselling anger management counselling page to learn more.

Grief and Loss

Duncan and Colleen work with individuals who have been debilitated by feelings of grief and loss and help them to begin to live with their loss.

Visit the Watersedge Counselling grief and loss counselling page to learn more.

Drug and Alcohol Issues

Colleen works with individuals whose use of alcohol or other drugs has caused significant problems in their lives including relationships, employment and health. She provides education, strategies and support to recover and regain control of your life.

Visit the Watersedge Counselling drug and alcohol counselling page to read more.

Social Work Supervision

Duncan is available for the clinical supervision of Social Workers.


Duncan is available for  both personal and business coaching and mentoring

Other Services

Colleen also provides individual counselling for mental health issues, abuse, sexuality, and spirituality. Please contact her on 0434 337 245 if you would like to learn more about any of these services.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Watersedge Counselling accept EAP referrals where an employer has given authorisation. Please speak to your employer regarding your eligibility.

Non-government Organizations (NGO)

We receive referrals from a number of non-government organisations. These include  the Salvation Army  alcohol and other drugs program, Open Place (for Forgotten  Australians), Family Mediation and Reconcilation program and the Court Diversion Program.

For eligibility please speak to the respective organisation.

Length of sessions

An individual session is 55 mins in length. 90 minute individual sessions can be provided upon request.

A first couple session is  90-minutes in duration to give you both the attention you require and for the purpose of assessment and establishing your goals for couple counselling. The following sessions will be negotiated to meet your specific needs.

Family sessions are 90 minutes duration so that every member of the family has opportunity to participate. Ongoing sessions may be 60 or 90 minute sessions depending on the specific needs of the your family.

What to expect from the initial session

In the initial session  your counsellor will work with you to gain a full understanding of your needs and provide a thorough and comprehensive assessment. In the initial session you will experience how your councellor works  and have a strong sense of how we can work together. You may feel hopeful and a sense of relief because you have taken the first step towards change. Clients often report that they experience new awareness and insights from this initial session.

Couples in relationship crisis

We recommend that couples that are in relationship crisis commit to six sessions before they decide to end the therapy or the relationship. We have found this approach extremely valuable for couples that are close to ending their relationship as it gives you the time explore what changes are possible to improve the quality of your relationship.

Length  of therapy

Length of therapy is determined by your own unique needs and at what stage of readiness for change you are at. Many clients have between 6 and 10 sessions and find that this is enough to move to the next level of personal development. Sometimes clients prefer a longer term of engagement, anywhere between 10 and 20 sessions, in order to consolidate change. This is  your personal preference and can be discussed with us at any time during our engagement.

Generally clients report small  positive changes after the initial session. Frequently, clients discover that taking the initial action to come to counselling and engaging with me for the first time, brings a sense of relief and new hope that change can happen.

Office Location

Address – 117-119 Aphrasia St. Newtown, Geelong 3220

Off street and free on street parking (Aphrasia St)

Office Hours

We see clients Monday through Friday from 9.00 am to 6pm.

Please see our online scheduler for  appointment times available. We are flexible in scheduling to meet your needs. If we are unavailable at the time you require please contact us on 0434 337 245 or by email to arrange a time that is convenient to you.


Please enquire by phone or book an appointment online to view my current fee schedule. We offer a 10% discount for 6 sessions booked ahead and pre-paid. This option may be chosen at anytime in our work together.

Please note we have a 24 hour full-fee cancellation policy and this includes requests to reschedule appointments with less than 24-hours notice given.

Payment Options

You can pay by credit card or cash at the time of your appointment, or go online to pay by PayPal at the time of your booking . Electronic funds bank transfer is also available if arranged in advance, however we do request that you complete the EFT bank transfer 2 working days before the session so that we can confirm your payment before our session.

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