Characteristics of Healthy Couples


What sets a healthy relationship apart from the rest? Aside from the obvious answer of ‘communication’, there are a few other traits that long-standing couples have in common. Take a look at our latest infographic here to find out more.

healthy couples

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What Every Introvert Needs To Know To Be Happy and Successful

In a new infographic by Happify, we learn more about introverts and how many of us can live a happier life. Instead of rejecting our need for quiet time and our inward dialogue, this interesting graphic challenges us to embrace our true selves. By stepping out of our comfort zone and embracing some social activities, we are shown to be happier and healthier…given there is time to recharge in a quiet place afterwards. As an introvert this infographic will encourage you, and as an extrovert it will give you some insight into how and why introverts behave the way they do. Enjoy this infographic and let us know: what does it teach you about happiness?

What Every Introvert Needs To Know To Be Happy and Successful

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