Ten reasons helping others is good for your health


Some people seem to have compassion in their bones and will stop at nothing to assist a friend in need. Others find it comes less naturally, and struggle to see the opportunity to help people. We’re all wired differently, but by taking stock of the world around us, we can all show some compassion and in turn, experience the benefits this has on our own health.

Did you know that people who help other people are more attractive to the opposite sex? Plus, helping other people genuinely makes us happier and changes the mood of the people surrounding us.

Helping other people doesn’t always have to be hard. It can be as simple as offering someone a smile, paying for their coffee, or taking the time to ask a person how they are feeling. You might even consider volunteering with an organisation or charity that shares the same interests as you. If you’re passionate about the environment, you can start recycling or join a neighbourhood clean up or landscaping effort.

This infographic by Emma Seppala PhD. lists some of the scientific benefits of showing compassion. Take a look and think about a way to boost your mood by helping someone else this week.


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