The Secrets of the Happiest Married Couples

For many couples, when you fall in love and commit to a long-term relationship, you do so believing that your present experience of happiness and sheer pleasure in each other’s company will overcome any challenges that life might bring. You cannot imagine a time when your partner will be anything but ‘wonderful’ and ‘interesting’. As the passage of time passes, life experiences grow and change you, as does your couple relationship. The things that you once found fascinating about your partner have becomecause for irritation and tension between you and your happiness meter begins to descend. How do you sustain the happiness you once took for granted? What is the secret to a happy marriage or couple relationship?

According to this Infographic from Happify there are a number of elements: for instance it reveals that Life Transitions such as marriage and children maturing, actually increase the happiness between couples, whereas events such as birth and a child attending pre-school lower each partner’s contentedness in the relationship.

These facts and figures are a great reminder that it is important to invest in all our relationships, no matter what period of life we are going through. A small word of encouragement, asking questions or choosing to experience something new together are all fantastic ways to keep your relationships happy and in this case, keep a partnership healthily functioning.


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