13 Tips To Drink Less And Feel Great

It__s_the_Aussie_way____by_captivatedimagesFor a lot of people, the Christmas/New Year period is a time of over-indulgence. Parties, end-of-year-functions, New Years Celebrations, summer BBQ's in the backyard or down by the beach, and not to forget the traditional Australia Day celebrations are all part of the Australian way of life and we love it! Have you noticed though that when you have been in the habit of over-indulging for a couple of months, it is difficult to restrain oneself from continuing to consume food and alcohol in this fashion in spite of the growing waistline, dull skin tone and general fatigue that continued overindulgence has on your body? If you are nodding your head as you read this, why not consider February the month that you aim to reduce your alcohol consumption? The benefits will include weight loss,  healthier, clearer skin and an increase in energy.

Here are 13 tips that  will support your commitment to drink less and feel great:

1. In social settings, start with a soft drink: a non-alcoholic soft drink will quench your thirst before you start drinking alcohol.

2. Use standard drinks: an Australian standard drink contains 10 gms of alcohol. Because glass sizes very, check the label of a drink to know how many gms are in a specific alcoholic drink.

3. Drink slowly: sip your drink and put it down between each sip.

4. Eat before or while you are drinking: eating slows down your drinking pace and fills you up. Alcohol is absorbed much slower on a full stomach.

5. Avoid salty snacks that make you thirsty.

6. Avoid shouts: drink at your own pace, not what is dictated by someone else. If you do get stuck in a shout, buy a non-alcoholic drink.

7. One drink at a time: when people top up your drink it is easy to lose track of how much alcohol you have had.

8. Pace yourself: have a non-alcoholic drink every second drink.

9. Stay busy: play pool or dance but don't just sit an drink.

10. Try a low-alcohol alternative: light beer, low alcohol or non- alcoholic wines are available. Most places that have cocktails have non- alcoholic versions.

11. Have alcohol-free days: have at least 2 days a week when you don't drink at all.

12. Keep a diary: write down how much you drink each day so that you are more aware of how much you consume.

13. Be assertive: don't be pressured into drinking. Learn that it is okay to say ‘no thanks'.
Decide how many drinks a day you would like to reduce your alcohol consumption to (as compared to how much alcohol you presently consume) so that in  the social setting, you can be more aware of how much alcohol you choose to drink. Don't be to hard on yourself if you lapse on an occasion. Remember that it is a process and even if you only reduce by one or two drinks over the month of February, your health and wellbeing will only benefit.
You might like to ask a friend to support you throughout the month so that you have some sort of accountability or journal your progress each day. You might like to email your progress to me at colleen@watersedgecounselling.com  I would be delighted to be your support person.

If you want help to reduce your alcohol consumption, grow, experience wellness and reach toward your full potential then here’s what you need to do contact me on 0434 337 245 for a FREE 10-minute phone consultation on how I can best help you.

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