Issues With Alcohol: How Do You Know You Have A Problem?

You love a drink. It relaxes you, you feel more confident and sociable, you have more fun. Recently, someone has been telling you that you have an alcohol problem – your partner, a parent, a close friend, maybe your boss? You can't accept what they say, after all everyone enjoys a drink every now and then. All your friends drink, if you drink a bit more now and then, it doesn't hurt anyone, you reason to yourself.

I understand that you don't want to be told that you have an alcohol problem. It feels like you are a child again, being told that you have done something wrong. It can feel embarrassing, humiliating and possibly frightening, especially if you had an alcoholic parent.

So I simply want to ask you a few questions that can help you make up your own mind. Be aware that if you do have an alcohol problem, you won't want to admit it. You will feel really defensive as I ask you to take an honest look at how you are doing.

1. How many times a week do you drink alcohol?

  • The recommended limit for low risk drinking is 2 standard drinks a day including 1 alcohol free day a week. Can you stop at 2 drinks? Perhaps you could test yourself over the next couple of weeks and keep a diary of how much you drink.

2. How much do you drink in any single episode?

  • You may drink just on one or two nights a week. How much do you drink on those occasions? The recommended limit when drinking on those occasions is 4 standard drinks. 
  • Binge drinking to the point of intoxication as a regular occurrence is a risk to your health. Are you frequently intoxicated? Over the next fortnight, keep a count of how often you drink to intoxication.

3. Has the issue of alcohol caused conflict in your relationship? 

  •  your partner nags you about your drinking 
  •  you frequently fight about your drinking to the point that you avoid coming home
  •  you are more irritable, distrustful or aggressive

4. Are you noticing that your behaviour is frequently out of character?

  • acting inappropriately
  • making poor decisions
  • telling lies
  • driving under the influence of alcohol

How did you do as you answered these questions?  If you could identify yourself in these four points, I encourage you to seek some help. You can find help on the internet by putting the word ‘alcohol' into the google search engine. You will be able to research what is available near your location. If you live on the Bellerine Region of Victoria, contact watersedgecounselling for alcohol counselling on 0434337245 or book now.

If you want help to overcome your alcohol issue, grow, experience wellness and reach toward your full potential then here’s what you need to do contact me on 0434 337 245 for a FREE 10-minute phone consultation on how I can best help you.

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