Recovery From Alcohol Dependence



Recovering from alcohol dependence is a difficult journey to make. Having been dependent upon alcohol for a long period of time, it takes real courage, determination, persistence and personal discipline to maintain sobriety. If you have only recently become sober then the chance of relapse is very high. Having a structured program to keep you focused and distracted from thoughts of alcohol is essential to recovery. To ensure recovery, it is important that you also get to know yourself better. How do you do that?

Here are 3 discoveries you need to make that will help you stay on track:

1. Discover the right counsellor for you.

People frequently put off seeking professional assistance because they have tried counselling before and it was not helpful at the time. This might be due to a variety of reasons:
  •  Your readiness to change
  •  You did not feel that the counsellor connected with you
  •  The counsellor's particular style of intervention did not work for you

Don't be put off. It frequently takes a few different counsellor's before you come across the right counsellor for you.
Don't do it alone. You need ongoing professional help to keep you on track, motivated and accountable.

2. Discover who you are

Alcohol robbed you of your identity. You may not have a clue as to why you became so dependent upon alcohol. You may not know what your particular ‘triggers' are or why you are so vulnerable to those particular triggers. Who are you without a glass of alcohol in your hand?
Don't know where to start? Counselling can act as a ‘guide' to self discovery. A counsellor is skilled in the art of listening and asking the questions that can help lead you to your true identity.

 3. Discover what you are passionate about

Do you know what you get excited about when you don't have a drink in your hand? It is likely that you have not thought about what you are passionate about for a long time. It is passion that will get you out of bed in the morning and motivate you to keep doing the things you need to do to stay sober and focused.
Passion gives meaning to your life. It energizes you and inspires hope. It allows you to dream you dreams and imagine a different future. 

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