Why Exercise Really Makes You Happier

Do you struggle to be active? Maye you’re just exhausted after a long day at work and have no energy to go outside for a walk? If you find yourself feeling down, exercise may just be what you need to make you happier and give you greater satisfaction. In this infographic by Happify, we are shown that even 20 minutes of exercise can significantly impact our mood.

When we are active, our endorphins go up so we feel good, stress-related hormones like cortisol are reduced and it helps treat anxiety and depression.

So how do we get motivated to exercise?

If you struggle to get active, don’t complicate things. 30-60 minutes of exercise 3 to 5 days a week has been shown to improve mental health. But even small or shorter amounts of exercise will benefit you! Go for a walk, do Tai Chi or yoga, or focus on your strength. For an even bigger boost head outdoors and you will feel more energised and motivated.

If you need other people around to keep you motivated, join a sports team or exercise group. And if you get distracted or bored, don’t stress- simply listen to music or watch a movie! Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult, and it really does make us happier. So choose something you are interested in and give it a try. Remember, even the smallest amount of activity is good for your mental health and can make you happier.


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